An Introduction to Traditional Paper Cutting

Sat 25 Aug 2018 From: 10:00 to: 16:30 Courses
Traditional Paper Cutting at The Potters Barn

Pick up the traditional skills of paper cutting on this creative one day workshop.
It is the perfect outing for a group of friends or family or just for a bit of time for yourself!

This relaxing day allows you to switch off from the outside world and learn the skills to create something beautiful from the simplest of materials; the humble sheet of paper. In the morning session you will practise and apply the skills you’ve learnt before moving on to creating your own framed design later in the day.

All of the basic techniques of decorative paper cutting will be explained on the day. 

The workshop will also cover the following areas:
• an introduction to paper cutting with a look at some examples, 
• a run-through of the tools needed,
• essential tips and tricks in paper cutting,
• work on practice sheets,
• creation of a smaller template based project,
moving on to design, cut and frame your own paper cut.

Don’t worry – drawing skills are not essential! You just need a steady hand and a bit of patience!
You can expect to proudly walk away at the end of the session with some beautifully hand-crafted unique items.

Refreshments and a light lunch are included in the course fee of £75.
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