Felt Making

There are many ways of creatively using felt, either artistically or practically. Felt can be use to create the finest gauze-like material or as it is so strong it can be made into three-dimensional objects, either solid or hollow. On an artistic level felt is used for wallhangings, as a back-drop for hand or machine embroidery, and three-dimensional sculpture. Felt is also used on a practical level for clothing, handbags and footwear.

There are many different felting technique to enable felt makers to fully explore the medium. Felt is wonderful to work with and your imagination is the only limit!

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Basic Felt Making Course

A basic felt making course will enable you to understand the main principles of felting. You will discover the magic of how unspun wool can be converted into a piece of fabric!



Nuno felt is a procedure of integrating felt with a sheer fabric which makes it strong enough to become a lightweight fabric in its own right.

Cobweb Felt Making

As its name suggests, cobweb felt is a very fine, almost gauze-like felt which can be used for sheer scarves, wall hangings and artwork.

Felt Vessels

Learn how to make felt into a three dimensional object as a sculpture, vase or piece of art!

Felt Flowers

This technique is wonderful for adorning scarves or simply as an original brooch or flower decoration!

Course Fee:  £65

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