Raku Days

Raku Kiln Firing

Earth, Fire & Water

Japanese Raku Kiln Firing method.

Great Fun, Steam, Smoke and Flames. If you have tried Raku before you know what fun it is, if not you have a great experience ahead of you.

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The Raku Firing is suitable for all (adults). You will experiment on several pieces before moving on to larger pots. If you have your own pots you can fire these depending on size and what we think about them (materials etc.) on the day. You will observe and have the opportunity to help in the firing process as well as learning how to glaze a Raku pot. The Raku session includes your finished glazed pots to take home. The cost for the Raku Firing is £95 per head.
The Raku Firing runs from 1pm to 5pm.

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Raku at The Potters Barn

Raku Kiln Firing Days at The Potters Barn