Pottery Classes

Pottery classes will be starting in October 2021. There may be limited spaces available once they start.
They are adult group pottery classes and run on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings 7-9.
The classes run continuously  throughout the year and are suitable for most adults that can attend regularly.
There is a monthly charge for the class with a minimum of three months attendance plus the cost of some materials and firing.

We also have a Long Session Crash Course (four hours) that will give you a head start in the world of Craft Pottery:-

Areas Covered

The classes cover the potters wheel, hand building, decorating and glazing.
Pottery classes are taught in groups and after learning the basics students are able to work on their own projects with occasional help from the tutor if needed.

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Areas Covered:-
The Potters Wheel

You are welcome to get in touch by using the link below or by calling the pottery on:-
01270 884080
For More Information and/or to Book a Course

Pottery Classes at The Potters Barn

Pottery Classes at The Potters Barn